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Recruitment and outsourcing agency Europa Workintense

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Recruitment and outsourcing agency Europa Workintense – service offer

Recruitment (employment) agency focused on recruiting of industrial, technical and service personnel, construction workers, laborers, professionals, service staff, medical, IT personnel from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Slovak Republic above all. Fields of the operation - Eastern, Central and Western Europe. Outsourcing of processes with a large portion of manual labor. We offer stable staff and besides the temporary help service, seasonal, temporary staff through the staff leasing service.

Recruitment (employment) agency Europa Workintense (Europa Workintense spol. s r.o.) for already 25 years has been successfully engaged in the process of implementation of the outsourcing contracts and, as a recruitment agency, in the employment of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic, since 2015 in Poland and the Slovak Republic, and since 2016 in Hungary.

We operate in the job markets of Eastern, Central and Western Europe. We are focused on recruiting of of industrial, technical and service personnel, construction workers, laborers, professionals, service staff, medical, IT personnel.

With our partners we cooperate on the basis of outsourcing contracts with considerable part of manual work.

Outsourcing company Europe Workintense is focused on performance of outsourcing contracts, where a significant portion occupies the manual labor, implementation of certain parts of the manufacturing and technological processes of our contract partners in our own manufacturing facilities in Eastern and Central Europe or in the manufacturing facilities of a contract customer. We provide staff from Eastern Europe of the following professions: trade and crafts, technical, manual workers, construction workers, laborers, professionals, service staff, administrative occupations, IT-technologies, medical sector. Outsourcing of HR processes and payroll.

We possess significant material and financial resources for the implementation of outsourcing contracts and obligations before our partners; our material and technical base in the form of manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in the Czech Republic and Ukraine, the area of our own production capacity is 15, 000 m2 and warehouse facilities - 25,000 m2.


The outsourcing company successfully implements new methods of mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes, where just yesterday it was the only possibility to use manual labor.

When performing the outsourcing contracts we are focused on industrial areas: production, logistics, engineering, light industry, construction, automotive industry, food industry, medical industry, services, administrative, and financial industries.

Outsourcing company is focused on the implementation of manufacturing and logistic processes, where the need for involvement and recruitment of manual, engineering workforce and the use of the know-how which the company has developed during its long experience of manufacturing activities on human resources recruitment in the manufacturing process of a partner occupies a significant part.

We engage in the manufacturing process of a partner the most valuable: motivated and hard-working staff, the know-how of the company on implementation of the processes where a significant portion occupies manual, technical, administrative work and work in the service sector.

Outsourcing company on high professional level offers services connected with payroll and HR outsourcing for your enterprise. In this activity we can offer you cooperation of two types: full HR and payroll outsourcing through full transfer of functions of your HR department to us, or cooperation on conditions of supervision, wherein your HR department will continue fulfilling its responsibilities.

Recruitment (employment) agency Europa Workintense, main activities: staff leasing, recruitment. Stable staff with minimal turnover rate or seasonal, temporary staff, temporary help. Services: provision of HR capital, of agency’s employees. We have all necessary permits from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. We are focused on recruiting the staff from abroad, foreign workers who have permanent residence permit or EU citizenship.

One of our core activity is staff leasing, long-term hiring of workforce for your projects. Recruitment (employment) agency has a wide database of your potential workers – this allows to ensure a flexible selection of personnel and to find the best solution to the arising problems.

Also recruitment belongs to the main activities in the recruitment agency sector. We strive with all the force to find the high-qualified staff for a client’s business and to do everything to the employees work most efficiently. Advanced technologies and unique knowledge of HR market allow to offer the best solution for the entrepreneurs of all sizes. 

Recruitment agency Europa Workintense spol. s r.o. together with its subsidiaries operates a powerful human capacity / resource - in trade and production processes of the group of companies are working about 5000 workers of technical, administrative, manager, craft, manual labor professions. This among other things allows to provide staff flexibly also for short-term projects, and, thus, solve the problem of lack of staff through provision of agency’s employees for short-term use, for temporary help projects.

Recruitment agency holds its activity on the basis of the permit of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. We have the permit of holding of mediatory services through involment of agency’s employees, both from EU and Eastern European countries.

We have the largest human resource among our competitors. The recruitment agency is a leader in the segment of recruitment in the market of the European Union's of human resources from Eastern Europe, and workers-citizens of Ukraine, who already have permit for permanent residence in the European Union, and the citizens of Western European countries - new members of the European Union.

The basis of our human capacity consists of our employees: mainly they are the citizens of Ukraine.

During the 25 years of our activity, we are constantly expanding our capacity and capability, the volume of manufacturing activity, steadily growing in business and occupy a considerable share in the segment of the industry, being one of the leading companies in the segment of employment of foreign citizens in the Central European labor market.

We cooperate only with economically stable, reputable and well-known local companies and international corporations. We avoid cooperation with companies that are only conducting a policy of using labor workers. We do not enter into a partnership where the aim is to minimize staff costs, as we strive to involve in cooperation with the partner motivated and hard-working staff. We also believe that the key of our stability and the development is the well-being and stable standard of life of each our colleague, our employee.

Our activities in the sector recruitment agency are divided into the following directions:

Logistics: operator of logistics warehouses, logistician, logistician assistant, picker of logistics warehouse, packer, forklift drivers.

Production: assembly worker, varnisher, operator of production lines, CNC operator, fitter, turner, caster, welder, drivers of forklift and a variety of small vehicles / trucks, a specialist in maintenance and current repair.

Automotive industry: adjusters of the production lines, the operator of production machines and lines, CNC tuners, assemblers, adjusters, fitter, turner.

Clothing industry: broad seamstress, seamstresses of sewing of autocovers, steering wheels, leather articles, pattern cutting, sewing of textile products.

Construction: construction workers, laborers on construction sites, masons, tilers, plasterers.

Special profession / craft: electricians, engineers, heating engineers, gasmen, heat conductors, carpenters, and other specialists.

Hotels / service sector: maids, cleaners, houskeepers.

Supermarkets: cashier, goods manager, merchandiser (placers and cashiers), butchers, bakers.

Medical industry / workers in the medical field: nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, massage therapists, social workers (nurses / caregivers) for care for the elderly, the sick in hospitals, staff in the medical field.

Private sector: employees taking care of children and the elderly at home.

Food industry: food technologists, mechanics, laboratory assistants, food industry experts, cutters, butchers, bakers, and other qualified experts of food industry. In this area, there are also jobs for unskilled occupations.

Management positions: coordinators, managers, HR-managers, administrative staff, sales representatives, engineers in the construction sector.

Information technology IT: programmers of different programming technologies, coders, copywriters, designers, system administrators.

Operation and maintenance in the field of facility management: cleaners, repairers, craftsmen, service personnel.

Another our competitive advantage is the extensive network of recruiting centers all over Ukraine, a large data base of prospective candidates for working in the Czech Republic, Poland, we have at disposition our own media, focused on the labor market in Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

Having our own logistics and production areas for manufacturing processes and conditions for providing with residence / hostel the employees, who are working on the company's projects outside the place of permanent residence.

Our company as a whole has 50 different projects, which involved 400 different employees of labor professions / positions. Our projects are located in countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine.

The goals and values of the company, the strategy to achieve the objectives. The team of Europa Workintense company.

The objectives of Europe Workintense company:  

  •   Solve in the first place staffing needs of a customer by providing performance of particular parts of manufacturing, logistics, service, administrative, managerial processes.
  •   Providing our customers with qualified personnel of all levels and range of possible occupations and qualifications, and performance of manufacturing processes, in which the company has patented processes, by itself developed know-how.
  •   Provide adequate standard of living of all employees.
  •   Receive income of average and above average levels of capital invested in the company's business processes.

The strategy to achieve the objectives:

  •   To engage in the process of achieving the objectives effective and hard-working staff.
  •   To globalize labor market of Western, Central and Eastern Europe. We focus on Eastern European workers, especially Ukraine, where the our main recruiting centers are located.
  •   To improve continuously the skills of the staff. To conduct requalification processes for employees.
  •   To provide to our employees more than a well-paid job in the Czech Republic, Poland: provide the opportunity to change for the better in the major life processes such as place of residence, qualification according to personal abilities, vision and confidence in the future.
  •   Perform specialized processes in its own manufacturing facilities, processes in which the company has a particular specialization.

Values of Europa Workintense company:  

  •   Employees of the company.
  •   Partners-customers of the company.
  •   Knowledge and experience accumulated over the years of successful work.  

Motto / credo of Europa Workintense company:

  •   Motivated and hardworking staff.
  •   The work and progress - this is our hobby.

The team of Europa Workintense company:

Experienced and qualified personnel with long-term experience, ability to manage and to motivate executive staff.

Our experts speak the language of the country according to place of work.

Our hallmark is the experience in the process of recruiting workers from Eastern Europe and experience in the proper organization of the processes for obtaining work visas to the Czech Republic and to Poland for workers from countries outside the European Union, particularly from Eastern Europe.

For every project we create organizational and management structure that would meet the requirements of customers and covers all risk factors of manufacturing activities.

By type of management we are focused on "horizontal-vertical management structure" - "HVMS", where the main responsibility and authority for the manufacturing and trade process takes board of directors of the project-line, and the strategic and investment decisions are the responsibility of the "ASF" - the current structure of founders of a project.

Quality certificates, insurance policies, the authorized fund of the group of companies Europa Workintense.

Certificates and quality certificates:

Core enterprises of the company are the holders of the certificates in the system: ISO 9000, HASP, TUV, which underline the quality of the production process, products and services manufactured by, with which we provide our customers and the quality of the administrative management.

Insurance policies:

We are provided with all the necessary insurance policies and contracts with insurance agencies that meet the needs and cover the risks of performing our manufacturing activity.

Authorized fund:

Core enterprises of the Europa Workintense company possess a large logistics base, circulating capital and manufacturing potential.

A significant part of the capital is contributed to the authorized capital of the relevant companies to ensure guarantees of stability, the continuity of the process and the reliability to our partners and customers of the Europa Workintense company.



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